Unit Description:

Paper is usually seen as what supports a piece of art, or what holds a medium…but not usually as the art itself. In this unit, students are going to bend the limitations of paper. They are going to sculpt, cut and create installations all out of paper. They will be learning how to incorporate technology to enhance or describe the limitations and qualities of paper.

by Kristi Malakoff

by Kristi Malakoff

Prior Knowledge:

This unit is designed for students that already know the fundamentals of design: shape, line, color, expression, light… The students should also have the knowledge of using programs like Illustrator or CorelDraw. My unit doesn’t cover these programs but covers the next step of how to apply those programs to print on the vinyl cutter or the laser printer.

On-going Knowledge:

In designing this unit, I wanted students to continue to think of how they could break the boundaries of paper as well as developing their research skills. After this unit, students should be able to see material as having many properties and opportunities in art. Their knowledge of the laser printer and vinyl cutter could be used in later projects by their choosing to create more elaborate sculptures. They should have the knowledge of finding contemporary artists and able to communicate fluently with their classmates about their findings and ideas.